privacy policy

The application respects and protects the privacy of all users of the service.In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services, the application will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.However, the application will treat such information with a high degree of diligence and care.Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, the app will not disclose or provide such information to any third party without your prior permission.This privacy policy will be updated from time to time.When you agree to use this application service agreement, you will be deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this privacy policy.This privacy policy is an integral part of the application service usage agreement.

use of information

1.Our application are not concern with the user phone contact,there is not this function

2.Our application of camera only photo takingļ¼Œdo not leak to other application

3.our application do not leak user information to other application